Wine Visions Inc.

Founded in 1993 by wine enthusiast Ed Simmons, Wine Visions Inc. is an Atlantic Canadian beverage alcohol Sales Agency whose founding principal has been to give suppliers knowledgeable and experienced representation to support the sales of premium products in this market. In the years since we have built an impressive portfolio of outstanding international producers and along with them have enjoyed steady and healthy growth, especially in a segment of the market that is all too often overlooked by some agencies.

In August of 2012, after many years of a successful partnership Wine Visions Inc. founder Ed Simmons announced that his partners, Joel Fournier and Phill Cochrane would be retiring from the company. Taking into account the changing complexion of the industry; and to move forward in a positive mode that will build on that reputation and ensure increased growth and prosperity for the company and its loyal suppliers Ed announced that he will be taking on two new partners. These gentlemen hardly need an introduction to any one already in the business as they operate one of the largest and most successful independent agencies in Atlantic Canada; Atlantic Spirits and Wine’s Andrew Bell and Andy Armstrong.

Under this restructuring, Wine Visions will continue to operate as a separate company, but will have at its disposal greater resources to allow it to better serve its supplier base, and to allow me, as managing partner, to focus on the critical areas of sales and strategic planning to move our brands forward in a very competitive environment.

As 2016 draws to a close Wine Visions is pleased to say it has been another year of growth and continued success in positioning and promoting our brands in the Atlantic Canadian market. In particular we would like to express our thanks for the continued support of our many outstanding suppliers. While premiumization has become a byword in the industry it has always been our guiding principal and we, along with our customers have reaped the benefits.